Vinyl/TT Gurus Chime in! Cartridge Decision: Rework My old Sumiko or get a new cartridge?

My Quandary: I have an old Gyrodec MkI(I think) with a Zeta Tonearm and a Sumiko Talisman Virtuoso B cartridge (HOMC). I've been getting bilateral distortion usually about  the 1/3 mark way through my records. The cartridge is really old and either needs re-tipped and possibly a new cantilever or do I consider a new cartridge altogether. I've heard these carts are very highly regarded.

Get the Sumiko reworked at what I imagine is a pretty penny penny?


Get a new cartridge which will work with a MM phono preamp (suggestions please)

Associated Gear:
Lounge Audio LCR MKIII phono stage (MM only.. Not looking to change this)
Gyrodec Mk I
Zeta tonearm w/ a mass of 16g

Budget $500-$600 tops.

Thanks in Advance!!
Frogman, your memory is better than mine (well I was talking about things I came across 33 yrs ago). I meant Alchemist I A, III S and Talisman A (latter worst of them all). 
 Talisman B stands for Boron cantilever and is a great HOMC cartridge indeed, and DTi means Diamond coated cantilever. If my memory serves right this time Dgarretson owns one.

OP, I wasn´t rude just giving free advice as an experienced audiophile. Nothing more, nothing less.

 Talisman Virtuoso B is worth to retip. I´m sure Soundsmith will guide you.

Frogman, coincidentally I´m quite busy at the moment. You see I´m experimenting with a new T3Pro and lower pressure levels due to lighter carbon fiber wand ...

I will take my recommendation a little further. I would use Needle Clinic for this as he commonly rebuilds the elastomer suspension and retentions the wire, in addition to the retip.

I would also suggest him as he commonly uses the type of Japanese styli that your cartridge presumably originally came with, Namiki, Ogura, etc.

Should you use Soundsmith I would get the boron option, which I believe is of Japanese origin, or discuss with Peter what other options he has using Japanese styli. The European Stylii, Van den Hull, Geiger, etc, sound different.

I have not been anything but helpful in either of my posts, but here I will respectfully disagree with you on one point. The hobby was built on snobbery and insecurity, IMHO. It only serves to enhance the experience, YMMV.

Dear @birdfan :  "  I've decided to retip/rebuild the cart with Soundsmith. "

I agree with @dover  and @frogman  , the Talisman Virtuoso B is  an excellent quality performer and not easy to beat it, I owned.

The best is exactly what you will do: re-tip. Great cartridge motor, worth to keep that cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,