Vinyl reviews website

Hi there,

I've just setup a new website devoted to vinyl records and I'd love if you

1. Came along and had a look
2. Submitted content including reviews or even just pass on a few suggestions

Its at

Love to see you there

Great idea Richard. I hope it continues to grow into a great source of information exchange for all vinyl lovers.
You might also want to advertise this web site on the Vinyl board at Audio Asylum.
They are very passionate about vinyl as well.

(But then again, perhaps not, and for that very reason.)

Good Luck!
Glad to see this, Richard. I look forward to your site's success!

Good luck!
Yes,,this is a great idea!I have bookmarked your site and hope to contribute once i get settled in to my new place!There is certainly more than a few members of the audiogon community that have a knack for reviewing LPs!Good luck!
Good going Richard
Count me in!
Dear Richard: Congratulations!!! I'm already in.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks Richard,

I'm in!

I'm in too!

I hope your site does well.
congratulations.the site looks well layed out.will surely visit there often.thanks.
Wow, thanks a million you lot.

You're all a pretty nice bunch around here, aren't you? :)

I look forward to seeing you over at vf and to seeing your contributions :)

There's a competition at to win a record of your choice.

Please visit :)