Vid pre/pro with 2-chan pre or hi-end vid pre/pro

I am new to hi end audio. I am a 80/20 music/video guy. I have currently a denon receiver with a Naim CDX and vienna acoustic beethoven speakers. I am looking to upgrade my pre and amplification. I am a bit stymied because I really like the video switching of the denon to service my Tivo, dvd and vcr ( I have two video outputs one to the tv and one to a repeater for the Tivo that I can watch in another room) but I want the sound of Naim/Linn etc... I have also looked at a Classe video pre/processor in tandem with traditional seperate amps, that would take the place of the denon. Or looking at buying a Naim (or Linn) pre and amp and routing the two channel from the dennon to an input on the Naim pre thereby using the Naim for 2-channel and the denon for the 5 channel video. It would be a kluge as the Naim pre doesn't have a theater pass through. One would have to match the volume on the Naim to the other channels of the denon and controling the volume with the denon when listening to 5 channel. For 2-channel of course the denon would be turned off. I have a friend who is selling his NAC 82 and two hi-caps, (~ 3000.00) then I would have to find a NAP 250 to make that happen. If I bought the hi-end Classe pre/pro and amps, I would have to spend about 5K (used). About a wash cost wise. There are also a couple of Linn Klouts amps around for about 2200.00 then I could find a Linn pre and kluge it together like the Naim above.

Don't know if you can share any light on this confused man or not. :)...
I've been there, fighting to be happy musically with a high end pre/pro. I gave up and I'm much happier. I bought a stereo preamp with a SSP (Surround Sound Processor) Loop, and haven't looked back. Many high end designers to choose from: Cary, Classe, Ayre, Jeff Rowland, BAT, just to name a few. I then got a nice Denon receiver for HT duty. I take the FR & FL preamp outputs of the Denon and feed the SSP input of my BAT preamp. The Denon amp only drives the surrounds. I find that I'm visually distracted during movies, and I don't notice any sonic degradation when going from my high end pre/pro's (Proceed, Classe, Anthem,etc) to the Denon. However there is a world of difference on music through the BAT.
I'm not familiar with the Naim and Linn lines, since you seem open to Classe for HT, why not look for a Classe CP-60 used. It's much better on 2 channel than their SSP-30, and has a easy to use SSP Loop. Then grab a CA-200 w/ a CAV-75 (6 channels of 75 wpc or 3 channels of 150 wpc). These 3 pieces would work great and you should be at around $4K. You can still use your Denon reciever for HT.

BTW, the Classe gear mates well with the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven. I know because I used this combination with the Beethovens. Time moves on, systems change, I now have the VA Strauss with other gear, but I have very good memeories of my time together with the Classe gear and the Beethovens.


You are on the right track. For more advice check out and then be sure to get over to Videogon to check the prices of equipment.

Between these three sources you should do quite well.