Vibex power blocks vs power filters

I am considering purchasing the VIBEX power boards or the VIBEX boards with in-built filter (see:

There is a lot of talk that filters "kill" the sound, or limit dynamics, or produce muddy bass. Does anyone have any experience with the difference between these 2 products (with filter vs without)? Others swear by the filter products...

There are a lot of serious companies out there producing filtered products (e.g. Purist power cables with filters and ac filter block) so the rumours cant all be true!

Any thoughts?
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No opinions on Videx filters / power blocks??
What about opinions on ANY power filter vs power distributor (without filter)???
I tested the Vibex non filtered 6 power block vs the Vibex filtered 8 p.b. (both Cu version). The first is interesting (tones are better, richer) but a little agressive. The second sounds more transparent and very soft, with richer tones too : an excellent power block ! Note that "filtered" means resin with graphite, no active parts. I have a biamp Tact system with Onken speakers.
Fred in Paris
You describe the filter block as "very soft", does this mean that the highs are being rolled? What differences did you hear with the bass bewteen the two?