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ST optical to TOSLINK cable... & good ST cable?
Yes, my Jadis has an RCA input but it is used, so too is the XLR input. Only one remaining in the ST input.OK, in that case I'll find a way to use the ST input using my transport.... can anyone recommend an ST cable for audio purposes... under, sa... 
Vibex power blocks vs power filters
You describe the filter block as "very soft", does this mean that the highs are being rolled? What differences did you hear with the bass bewteen the two? 
Vibex power blocks vs power filters
What about opinions on ANY power filter vs power distributor (without filter)??? 
Vibex power blocks vs power filters
No opinions on Videx filters / power blocks?? 
Long ICs versus long speaker cables
I am faced with the same question in my case and need advice for the following setup:CD: Nagra CDPPre amp: Nagra PLLAmps: Nagra VPAsSpeakers: Verity Parsifal OvationCurrently my units are all stacked near each other, leaving a 4m long speaker cabl...