LAN Filters

Hello Agoner's. I would like to know if anyone has first hand experience using LAN Filter/Isolators. I primarily stream Tidal from my router connected to a Bluesound Node with a 50' Ethernet cable and then Coax to my DAC.  I am considering connecting a LAN Filter to my Ethernet cable to reduce high frequency noise on the line. Does anyone have experience with the Acoustic Revive RLI-1 LAN Isolator or similar product for this application to enhance SQ. Your kind advise is much appreciated.

Thanks Yoby, That was very helpful.
Ive been wondering this for sometime now and picked up two Acoustic Revive RLi 1gb filers plus there latest Lan cable to be placed between my FMC ( fiber optical converter) and Melco N1ZH server. The improvement in SQ is very noticeable, While the units are burning in I placed the first RLi-1GB filer at the FMC, followed by the LAN cable, RL1 -1GB filter to server. After 16 hrs the improvement in midrange, upper frequency extension is like a cloth being removed from your speakers. Soundstage depth,width and tonality have improved as well.

If you have properly addressed your electrical then this would be your next area of improvement, isolation.

Do not under estimate the value of improvement in your systems electricity, Im not talking about 10 g romex AC wiring but wire that is properly insulated and designed for AC audio application. 
The 6 moons review I read as well and that review was done some time ago, the new versions filter is red along with the latest cable is red.