VH Audio CHeLA?

Need cables for my soon to arrive Vapor Breeze. The VH were suggested as a good match and there have been a lot of good reviews.

For the price of these,or less, any other suggestions for cables that would blend as well or better with the Raal tweeter?
It's going to be difficult to get a meaningful answer to your question. First thing to remember, of all the cables in your system, speaker cables matter less than others as far as audible differences (in my experience.) Second, it's not just the speaker and cable in the equation, you also have to factor in characteristics of the amplifier. Both your speakers and the Chela cable are rather esoteric and rare, there's not going to be enough users of Vapor/Chela in combo to give you a meaningful response in all likelihood. The only way to really tell how the Chela/Vapor combo works in your room & system is to give it a try and compare them with something else. Personally, I never like to buy a new cable at new prices because there's always a high likelihood someone else's rave review product will be a loser in your system. I remember many years ago when every reviewer on the planet and many participants on audio forums were singing the praises of Analysis Plus Oval Nines. I bought a pair of new Oval Nines based on other peoples recommendations and they ended up being not one bit better than much less expensive Kimber 4tc. Needless to say, I took a loss on that one. Don't spend more than you're willing to lose on the resale unless you don't care about such things.
It seems as though Ryan from Vapor is consistent in his recommendation as that is the speaker cable that he suggested I use for my Vapor Joule Black. I can't comment on the sound as my speakers are at least 4 weeks from delivery. I did purchase a used pair on Audiocircle at a good price and just set them aside. I figured Ryan should know what sounds good with his speakers and there was no financial gain for Vapor so I had no problem going in that direction.
Same here on the suggestion. Basically I trust the VH will mesh really well with the Vapor's. Before I pulled the trigger on those cables wanted to see if anyone else had another suggestion that went well with the Raal's.

I think I'll be wondering what I'm missing if I dont go with VH.
Joule huh? Very nice, can't wait to read your review!
Chris at VH is very picky when it comes to using cables so I would trust his ears. He is a straight shooter and has not led me wrong over many years and many decisions. PT
The only way to find out is to try them and see. For what it is worth, I will echo the comments of the other VH Audio customers. Top notch goods at a price that is more than fair.
If you go with the Chelas, please let us all know how they do for you. I've been tempted to try them myself.
They sound really nice out of the gate. Full and detailed but not harsh. Anyone know if they change after break in? If so, how long to burn them in?
Bajed, thanks for the update. I will watch for more info after a week or two of play. I don't know for sure, but I think it is reasonable to expect some break in time.
Chris told me they will gradually break in till about 400 hours! They continue to impress so it will be interesting to see how much they change. Over a long period it's harder to tell.

Was thinking about trying to make or find a used cable cooker to move things along. I know many don't believe in break in at all.