VeryOldHeardIt All-SACD Rules-SayethGOD

No stigmata yet but it came to me as a voice or thief in the night, GOD wants us to go SACD,there are subliminal messages we must get asap and SACD is the best way. Trust me i am a lawyer.
I second that my fellow counselor. Just purchased the incredible Marantz SA-1 SACD player. It blows my very expensive Wadia digital front end away in both SACD sound and redbook CDs. SACD rules !!
Do me a favor and check with God on when I can get some freakin rock and roll on this thing !!! NOT MEATLOAF ! I have just about played out the SRV and Santana disc.
Good point No Money. I have not purchased one of these units simply because i could not find ONE disc that i would REALLY like to own. Until the recordings are "flowing", i'd rather not tie up my funds on what might be a "white elephant" type of a deal. Call me "cheap", "scared", "non-adventurous", etc... but i refuse to buy "new technology" when there is NO software that i would like to use or own for that device. I equate SACD to be like buying a case of "steaks" made from "texturized vegetable protein" because it's supposedly "better" for you. Regardless of what it tastes like ( or sounds like in this case ), there just isn't any "meat" to sink your teeth into. Sean
PS... No offense meant to those that do choose to eat healthy. More power to ya !!!! Been there, done that, wanna go back to it....
Sean, hey I just got through agreeing with you on another posts ! stop makeing sense right now or Sony will send you to your room with no music for a week, or maybe just the current SACD selections to choose from. I have SACD only because it happened to be included in the s9000es I bought for DVD/CD playback. I really could not be happier with the unit, but I am just frustrated after hearing the same 3 disc over and over I want to hear some of my other favorites which are mostly rock. I ordered the Aerosmith, don't really like the new stuff all that much but it looks like that will be as close as I might get for a while.
O.K. thanks for the -2,-2 on both posts. Now how about actually contributing to the posts and letting me know what is so offensive. Have a wonderfull day.
The new Springsteen Live in New York has been released on SACD (or it's imminent).
yes, i've heard the same as drubin re: bruce. BTW, it's the same concert set as the one now available on premium cable (which, coincidentally, is the same set i was treated to at the pepsi center, denver). this my push me slightly more towards sacd but need a few more classic rock titles. any saints out there with access to god's ear might suggest a release of the face-to-face tour (billy joel/elton john).