Very strange interruption, ideas?

I have a problem and I'm hoping you guys can help out. I was having a party last night that went til all hours. All was going well until my stereo up and quit. Here's the system: Martin Logan Quest Z speakers, Audio Research SP14 Pre-amp, two Classe Audio DR8 amplifiers in bridged mode and biwired to the speakers, YBA CD Integre, Oracle Delphi IV/SME/Grado Reference. We were having a grand time, had the tunes cranked up about 12:00 o'clock on the preamp, and all of a sudden I lost the mids and highs. The woofers still work, but no sound from the stators. It's a major pain to tear the set up apart, any ideas on what possibly could have gone astray? Pre, amps, speakers? It's really odd that both channels exhibit the same problem. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
You could check the power cords and supply to the speakers first. If you lose the power to the ML's you will notice a loss of mid/high. I cannot remember if these ML's have internal fusible links to the mid/high section, but if so they should be checked assuming the power feed is OK. You can also check your pre and amp on 'phones or another set of speakers to check everything OK that end. Hope this helps? Happy New Year, regards, Richard at
Is ur power amp turned on? did check speakers fuses? If u have a speaker switcher, are ur loudspeakers turned on? Check the Tape Monitor Switch again! Did u actually start ur source playing?
Are both ML's plugged into the same outlet? If yes, try resetting the circuit breaker that controls that outlet. Please let us know what you find so we can offer more help if needed.