Strange Audyssey reading on center speaker

Was setting auto Audyssey, center speaker sounded so loud
when I looked at db levels the center speaker showed +8db all other speakers were fine (-8 ect..),
Wonder why this happened I measured it twice to make sure and both times it read the same thing. Right now my l/r fronts are b&w 602's and center b&w htm2, receiver is Marantz 5004 but not for long, replacing it with a Rotel 1560 and b&w N805 for l/r. I used my sound level meter and adjusted the set up.
Would anyone have an idea as to why this might've happened?
Probably related to the location of the center channel speaker in the room. You may need to move it left/right/up/down....or all of these?

A lot of center channel speakers are located at the half way point.......not a good place.

It sits on a shelf above the TV and the front R/L are lower than the center but on the same plane.
I'll try moving it as you say,
Thank you much
Just as a test, place it on something around 24"-26" high in front of the TV and run Audyssey.

I've had a few problems with my center channel measurements a few times also.

I will try that tomorrow, so far I moved the center about a foot to my right and the sound difference is so much better wow,
thank you
works fine at that height but I would have to get a higher TV stand in order to keep it there,
The truth is I like the sound much more with the Audyssey turned off.
contrary to how I feel, I understand that alot people like auto sound set up so I imagine that something is amiss with my set up wether its speaker placement or I'm sure when I'll get my new receiver and the N805 l/R it will make a huge difference, although the Rotel 1560 does'nt have auto sound I'm fine with that my level meter will do, cant wait.
Thanks again