very small speakers

I am looking for a very small and affordable setup for my bedroom. I was thinking of running a pair of very small speakers and a subwoofer. Amp still tbd.

If anyone has seen the super small bose satelite speakers and subwoofer systems- well something like that, only a bit more hi-fi.

I've never seen such small system here on Audiogon or elsewhere, and don't know if such hi-fi systems exist.

I like quality but very budget gear. Currently in my living room, I have a pair of Klipsch floorstanders and a Jolida 102B with a Bottlehead phono preamp. So definately budget, but decent. Maybe I can pick up some used gear on this site if someone could make a few random suggestions.
I really enjoyed my A'Diva Gallo Ti speakers. Very nice midrange, small, used with a sub.
Silverline Minuets and a Nuforce Icon. No need for a sub. Just pick your souce.
I second the suggestion: Silverline Minuets most definitely if your listening room is not to large. Disclaimer: I own the Minuets and they kick many pricey speakers into the ditch. Caveat: The diminutive size and vinyl covers repel style conscious audiophiles.
If you can live with 6"(wide) x9"(tall) x7 1/2" (deep) the NHT M-00 powered monitors are a steal at $400/pair. You won't need an amp. The matching 10" powered sub is also app. $400 - I think. This system was designed for nearfield monitoring but later sold for use with PC audio. Add a source with variable output and you're in business with a high quality, extended bandwidth system at <$1K.

Good Luck

Era series 4 are small and sound great
Awesome suggestions. I've been checking out the reviews and prices.
Keep em coming.
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Gallo, baby. Any of their little round satellites will do it. I heard a pair of Nucleus Micros with a sub (with the appearance of their MPS sub), and its transparency and imaging were stunning. The sats are very tiny, available in a wide variety of decorator colors, and easy to place.

Those or the A'Divas if you need to fill a larger space will definitely do the job. These little orbs set the audio industry on its ear and re-defined Gallo as a company. For a couple of years the demand for the Micros and subs were so great that Gallo had to put development and mfr of their high end systems on hold to catch up.
I bought a pair of PSB mini-monitors used, very inexpensively. I was blown away by them. (I usually listen to Ayre/Green Mountain). Don't know if they are small enough (6 x 10?)but they were a pleasant surprise for the money.
The PSBs would be a great low-cost alternative. PSB makes a smaller 2-way yet--the Alpha LR1 Monitor at 4-1/4"w x 7-1/8"h x 6-3/8"d.

Concerning the Gallos, to give you an idea of their sizes, the Nucleus Micro satellites are 4" diameter truncated spheres--the size of a softball or grapefruit.

The A'Divas, which can hand off to the sub at a lower frequency and can play louder, are the same shape at 5" in diameter--the size of a larger grapefruit.

All three want to hand off to the subwoofer at about 90-100 Hz.
The Nucleus Micros look pretty cool, and cheap to boot. It looks like a sub would serve them well.
06-02-09: Anchan
The Nucleus Micros look pretty cool, and cheap to boot. It looks like a sub would serve them well.
...And any of the the Gallo subs make an ideal match. For your bedroom requirements, their TR-1 should do nicely. You can turn a Micro- or A'Diva-based system into something very room-filling and dynamic with their MPS sub. That's a good sub, period.