Very Small Desktop Speakers

Can anyone give me advice on small to very small speakers that could sit on a desktop? I have moved to a new open office situation where I have walls but no ceiling so my old Plinius 8200 and B&W 805 speakers are just too instrusive to some the others around me. My source would be my Apple powerbook or maybe a small CD player. Let's face it, sound quality is not the most important issue but size is. I was thinking of a Sophia "Baby" amp or something equivalently small--so speaker efficiency is also a consideration.
thanks for the tips in advance.
NHT Super Zero XU
can be found at Audio Advisor
One possible full range option is Blue Sky MediaDesk. Suppose to be very good but, I have not heard them.
I use Cambridge Sound works Model Twelve with my computer at my desk. The speakers are about 3X5". This is also a great portable system with the case becoming a subwoofer. Comes with a sweet little 1X6" amp that wiull accept either dierct from your computer with agood sound card or from CD or analogue source. It is nearly indestructible with many musicans taking it on the road as their personal hotel room system., search on swans. Kinda on the big side but no sub required, perhaps. Swan makes their own drivers here and abroad, but an excellent value, much stronger than most plastic 'puter spkrs. Just don't tell WSJ's Mossberg.
NHT Super Zero. These a great speakers, period. The Super Zero XU model is still in production, but probably won't be for long.

Maybe too tall at 19", but consider the Thiel PCS.