Help me build a nearfiield "desktop" audio system

I say desktop audio system, but I may end up mounting the speakers on stands. I'll only be sitting around 3ft away from the speakers, with the speakers maybe about a foot from the rear wall.

In my main system I use B&W 805S speakers which I absolutely love. I really like the B&W sound. I was considering getting the B&W pc speakers, but are those really the best I can find? Cost isn't really too big of an object as long as I'm not spending over say 3k total.

Is it best to go with powered speakers, or a separates system for this purpose? Any reccomendations for either?
I use powered NHT M00s w their S00 sub and I am very happy w it. They are monitors designed for nearfield listening and even have an adjustment for mid field. WAY under $3K.
In my office, I use a Fatman iTube ValveDock ( ) with a pair of inexpensive and amazing PSB Alpha B1 bookshelf speakers.

This mini-system is incrediby cool-looking and actually sounds pretty good beyond my expectations. Here's a bit of info on those semi-legendary bargain-priced boxes. Champagne nearfield listening on a beer budget!

Absolute Sound's 2009 Editors Choice Awards Alpha B1

Yet another “how does he do it?” loudspeaker from the prolific mind of Paul Barton. The new, more curvaceous Alpha combines mind-bending dynamics and rich mids in a speaker barely a foot tall. Even the midbass has a power and pitch definition rarely experienced in this modest price range. Only the nebulous soundstaging is less than excellent.
sounds like you're using your pc as a source, so you'll probably want a dac--consider something like the peachtree decco65 ($800), which is both integrated amp and dac + audioengine p4 speakers ($300ish) which are designed for at-or-near wall placement and are pretty impressive for their size. (peachtree also sells systems with their own speakers, which are well reviewed but unheard by me). if you want more oomph, audioengine also makes a sub for around $300. i'm sure you can spend more and get an even better system, but you might be very contended with the foiregoing.
May I recomend a single driver speaker for listening at the distance or at least a co-axial.
There's this
I have the DACmini and it's quite good but I have no personal experience with their integrated and speakers. I believe there is a trial period return policy.

With so much out there this is not going to be easy for you,
good luck!

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