Very good speaker - Diapason

Recently I've a chance to test a pair of Italian bookshelf speaker Diapason (Model: Karis) with Electrocompaniet ECP1 CDP and Electrocompaniet ECI05 intergraded amp. Diapason is not famous in my area, but I was so impressed and surprise the sound quality of this small Italian bookshelf speaker, the sound is so beautiful.

Diapason has a larger model named "Adamantes III", which will arrive to my area two months later. Does anybody know how does it work with the McIntosh MA6900 ? And who are using this speaker, any comment about this?
what are you listening to now?

I listening to over 99% Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, piano, guitar, tenor or soprano sax, sometime a little string instrument as background. European Contemporary Jazz is my favour music recently. I also love Bossa Nova vocal and standard Jazz as well.
All Italian speakers look and sound beautiful!
I LOVE my Chario Academy 1's!
get the diapasons.....i normally don't recommend overpriced products(if they can be avoided or just aren't cool), but the adamantes are special little speakers...keepers.
I have the Adamantes II for many years now,I used plinius
art auodio tube amp.All I can say they are very musical.
I think they will do well with MAcIntosh..J