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Pass Labs X 350.8 or 350.8?
Hi theothergregMy Electrocompaniet amp is already 6 years old, I want to get some new sound , just like I replace my  Electrocompaniet EC-4.8 per-amp with ARC Ref 6.,  and the result is amazing. 
Pass Labs 350.8 or 260.8 ?
Thanks, everybodymikey8811Actually I've compare with XA 0.8 and X 0.8 amp side by side, and I prefer X 0.8 sound more. One of the biggest benefit for me if I choose X 260.8 is I can put it on the first stack on my rack, and I can change or connect... 
Pass Labs 350.8 or 260.8 ?
Anybody can give me some idea? THX 
Shunyata Sigma Analog vs Alpha Analog - Need advice!!
Hi GbmcleodThanks for information and advice.  I just bought a brand new Sigma Analog PC, and I will test it tomorrow.  BTW, I'm using these equipments:Esoteric K-03X CD & SACD PlayerLumin S-1 Network player with DACAudio Research Ref 6 pre-am... 
ARC Ref 6 - Is it normal?
Reply from ARC customer services:Your power conditioner may regulate the voltage, which would prevent the voltage dip that the REF 6 is detecting. 
ARC Ref 6 - Is it normal?
There is another problem I have found,  my Ref 6 cannot turn-on from time tom time.  I already check very careful my power cable is fully plugged into my Ref 6 and my Audience aR6-TSS power conditioner very tight. What I need to do is to switch-of... 
ARC Ref 6 - Is it normal?
I aware this low current problem came from a heater was using when I switch on my Ref 6. And I just check this heater, the output is 1,000W !!When I don’t use it, there warning message does not exist from my Ref 6. Everything is clear now. THX! 
Esoteric K-03X vs Accuphase DP-720
Hi GeorgelofiThanks a lot! Your information are very useful, I need to study and think about this. And yes, most of my CD are normal Redbook CD, I have very few SACD or HQCD. But since my Esoteric X-03SE is nearly 6 years old, I'm thinking to get ... 
Esoteric K-03X vs Accuphase DP-720
Thanks for information! Now I’m using a Esoteric G-03X Master Clock with my old X-03SE CD Player, I wonder if the sound quality has any big improvement if I use my G-03X on a K-03X? This is because I heard K-03X’s internal clock is very good, even... 
My ceramic tweeter change to dark color - Help
Avalon's distributor can't do anything about this (especially I bought this in 2nd hand market). I just sent email to Avalon, I have found from internet a lot of complain about this problem in my area (Hong Kong). 
My ceramic tweeter change to dark color - Help
Can I post a picture to show this in here? How? 
Price of Audience aR6-TSS Power Conditioer
Finally I bought Audience aR6-TSS today! Originally I've other targets like Equitech 3RQE and Torus RM-16, all these three products are very good, but my home are very small, not much space for Equitech and Torus. Also I need to consider the weigh... 
Isolation Transformers -- Equitech or Torus?
Both units are good, but Torus price are much more lower than Equitech,..... 
Equitech vs Furman Balanced Power Conditioner
OK, what about Equitech vs Torus? Which sounds better? 
Equitech 3RQE – Any comment?
Hi Phil123Because 3RQE are much more expensive than 2RQE, I got to consider 2RQE now, but Equitech's agent told me 3RQE sound smuch much better than 2RQE.....