Vertical bi-amping with two different amplifiers

Vertical bi-amping is that each speaker is driven by a separate amplifier, in other words, one amplifier powers the both channels (high and low) of one speaker. So basically two amplifiers power two speakers independently. Am I right? I have been doing this with two Audire Parlando amplifiers (connected to PBN Montana speakers) for many years.
Recently one of the amplifiers broke. Two options I have. One is to get it fixed. The other is to get another (functioning) amplifier. Sadly the person who built this great power amp stopped serving due to his age. Besides the Parlando is almost impossible to find. So I am taking it to a technician tomorrow. If the technician can't fix it or asks too much money (like over $500) then I will have to get a new amp to keep my vertical bi-amping setup going.

My question is that... can I do this with two different amplifiers? Like one speaker is powered by the Parlando and the other by Krell KSA100 or Mark Levinson 331. Or can I go even further? Like one speaker is powered by the Parlando (100w/channel) and the other powered by Krell KSA150 (150w/channel)?
No, I don't think you want to do that! Just like put different type of tires on left and right side of your car.
If you want to use two different amplifiers, try horizontal bi-amping.
Very bad idea, imhififan said it all. Vertical bi-amping MUST be done with two identical amps.