Verity Parsifal Symposium base

Anyone here familiar with the Symposium Ultra base for the Verity Parsifal? I like the idea, ease in positioning, reduced carpet wear and am intrigued by what I have heard of increased clarity, imaging and range. Anybody here use them or get a chance to compare them? Thanks.
If I remember correctly, Verity themselves have used Stillpoint stands under the Parsifals. You can call them and they should be able to help.
I have not used the Symposium myself, but had done some research prior to purchasing my Parsifal Encores about a year ago. And had some discussion with Rick Schultz at RMAF just a few months back.

These are some thoughts/observations.
1/ The original granite platform between the monitor and bass unit should be changed out to something else that can dissipate the energy. The granite platform only transfers the energy from top to bottom and vice versa. The newer platform used on the Ovation has the solid aluminum plate + 4 gel-like pads that actually absorbs the energy and dissipated it. The Symposium platform does the same. I don't know which sounds better, but I ended up buying the one from Verity. A better solution, suggested by Schultz is to build a monitor stand completely separating the monitor unit from the bass unit.

2/ I have only tried the BDR cones (#4s) underneath the bass units. They sounded better than the original brass cones. I found this out the "painful" way. I had used the BDR cones every since I purchased these. I wanted to hear the brass cones one day and decided to put them on. They are a pain in the rear to install.unless you turn the bass unit upside down. I was trying to install the cones with speakers stanind upright. In the process of doing so, I put a dent to the front of one of the speakers. !#@#%$

I've seen photos of a pair of Parsifals using Symposium bases both in between the monitor/bass units and also underneath the bass unit. I believe it was taken at one of the audio shows.

What Schultz had suggested at RMAF is to elevate these speakers so that the tweeter is at or above the ear level. To do that, you've got to use more than just cones or platforms. He was in the process of getting a pair of racks built for his pair of Ovations, and had offered to build me a pair as well. I have a pair of SolidTech amp stands. I am planning on using them to jack up my speakers to see if Schultz is right.

thanks for your input, and Frank C, for the detail. My current listening position is a little low so the Symposium Ultra would put the tweeters right at ear level. I have also heard that SRA has made a base to fit between the top and botton unit. I will also contact Verity concerning the aluminum seperator.
You may wish to contact AudiogoN member Islandear (Blaine). I know he has used the Symposium base for many years. I have used the Symposium Svelte shelves between my Encore's bass and mid/treble cabinets for a few years, and I am very happy with the results. I do notice a slight bit more articulation using the Symposium shelves. I haven't tried the bases, but I did switch to Audio Points 1.5 AP-A feet instead of the stock Verity spikes, again with some improvement in clarity.

have tried out the cerapuck under my Verity, although no big improvements i like what i hear.
the Verity thread is 1/4" unc opposed to the metric cerapucks so i have to machine the pucks yet to fit.
recommended to try out.

Glad to hear your experience with Cerapucs. I'd thought about going that route with Finite Elemente, but thought they were too expensive.