Verity Audio Leonore and Finn

Has anyone heard these speakers? What do they sound like and how do they compare to each other? I recently heard the Lohengrins at Verity in Quebec and they were amazing.
I heard the Verity Finn. Impressive upgrade to the Verity Tamino, which I own and like very much. Hope to hear the Finn versus the Leonore next week. I would expect that the Leonore, at nearly 3 times the cost of the Finn, will be a clear winner. After I hear and compare them, I will post a follow-up response.
Like most people in this hobby, you have already let price steer your ears. Hopefully, you will do a double blind test before you make up your mind. Anything less feeds into the 'must be better, if higher price' mind set. Best way to hear is to bring a blind fold, no kidding. Sounds silly, but all visual distractions are removed, including knowing which is the higher priced unit.

I appreciate your comments. My expectation as stated above is based on my nearly 40 years in the hobby and my familiarity with Verity speakers, past and present. In my experience, for the speaker manufacturers whose products I have seriously auditioned, the speaker with the better/best midrange driver has always been the speaker I preferred. In my post, I should have stated and emphasized that fact (i.e, mid-range quality and sonic characteristics), which is a far more important criterion that cost.

And I agree about the blindfold test process. I have done that many times; it is interesting and sometimes surprising!

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How did the Finn compare to the Leonore, or the Rienzi?

I have heard the Finn, and I was impressed - they just drew me into the music.

My local dealer does not have the Leonore or the Rienzi, so comparisons are not possible...

The Leonore has extended lower and upper ranges and a far better midrange than the Finn. A noticeable improvement in the bass compared to the excellent Fidelio Encore which I own. The FE and Leonore are both sonically excellent. I have not heard the Rienzi.
Many thanks!