Sonus Faber Momento V/S Verity Leonore

Can anyone give me some insight on the differences between to Sonus Faber Momento and the Verity Leonore. I'm contemplating one of these. My amp is a class A Audio Matiere Equilibre. My room about 18x20 very high ceiling. I love the midrange and tranparency of a quad but don't have room for them. My music is Jazz, light rock and some New age stuff. Any opinions would be appreciated.

I have listened to both speakers, the Memento's more than the Leonore's. As you probably know, they use the exact same midrange, only that driver is called on to do more in the two-way Memento. For the music you listen to, I would definitely prefer the Memento's, since I would not require the deep base provided by the Leonores to enjoy such music. And I very much prefer the way the Memento's image - overall a more musical presentation to my ears.

I am not familiar with your amplifier. The Leonore's are more efficient than the Memento's. The Memento's sound magnificent when they are supplied with higher levels of high-end amplification, such as the big Shindo monoblocks. With proper amplification and speaker placement, either speaker should do well in your room. If possible, you should try each pair of speakers with your amplifier, preferably in your own home, but the latter is of course not often possible.

Good luck!
Just because the drivers look alike from outside does not mean they are identical on the inside. Manufactures, at the minimum, will order the drivers to match their box & crossover designs. Often time, they are modified further than stock.

I do agree Memento is an excellent speaker, but your room might be too large for them.