veiled sound? Re: Pink Floyd CDs

Ok, I just got a cpoy of Pink Floyd Dark Side & Animals, put them in the ARC CD 3 and they sounded compressed and veiled, I checked and they were an issue from Argentina! So with that I used my Ultrabit on them to see if it would help some.... still no where what I expected the presentation is still quite compressed (Dark Side) and both have a veiled or hazy quality about them, should I buy new U.S. issued copies or is this just the way they sound from the origional mastering?
If you can find the 30th anniversary re-issue of DSOTM it sounds great. Animals is a great album but I have never seen any higher quality re-issues.
Look for the 20th anniversary of DSOTM,used if you can.I see them around in the 10 to 15 dollar area. IMHO sounds great
Thanks for the responces both Theo & Montejay, I had to make sure it wasn't just my copies. I'll also look into the recomendations that you've suggested also. Thanks for the help.
Ditto 30th dsotm have animals japanese import cd very nice
Wuwhere cbs half speed very nice worth looking 4