pink floyd division bell lp

Hey agoners, I was wondering if any one could tell me if the rereleased album In 2009 was as good as the original from 1994 or close? It's been my past experience so far that the reissues are generally worse than the original. I also haven't heard the original due to the pricetag. So that may not be a good recording either but the album does have a few songs I wouldn't mind having. So any input would be would be appreciated.

Reissues are worse than originals in 99% of cases. Division Bell album isn't exception at all.
In 1994 I was at the record store and had the choice of black vinyl or blue vinyl for $10 more. I purchased the blue vinyl. It sounds very, very good, quality recording, quality vinyl. Unfortunately I can't answer your question because I haven't heard the reissue. I can tell you the original pressings sound quality wise are very, very good.
I wasn't aware that there was a vinyl re-issue in 2009, have you a link to anywhere mentioning it? There are quite a few unofficial coloured lps about that would just be a bootleg of a cd but nothing from EMI.

The original release on either the transparent blue or the black vinyl are very good. I wouldn't spend one cent on an unofficial version.
i have the blue original and it is very good
The original UK pressing is black. Sounds the most dynamic of any I have heard but my three (and two were sealed/new) are a bit noisy. All the original US first pressings were a dark semi transparent blue. They sound very good and are quiet.
The first US re-issue came out on either a translucent light blue or a translucent orange. My re-issues have TML-M and PAL/PBL 64200 on the 1/2" wide run out. The first press US LP has about a 1/4" run out with just the disc #, 64200, hand written. The US re-issue has slight loss of dynamics and air when compared to the first US and UK pressings. Still, quite enjoyable.
There is a Korean double disc set in black. Don't bother with that one.
There are some marbled and some solid baby blue re-issues out there that came out in the last few years. Not bad but could not recommend them when there are plenty of orignal UK & US versions out there. Those are the ones with which I have first hand knowledge. Hope it helps.
Thanks for all the info guys , I really appreciate it. The hunt begins.

"There is a Korean double disc set in black. Don't bother with that one."
Mine is this Korean double LP under Columbia label and it sounds very good. If you say that the other first pressings are better, I have to take a look at them.
I have the CD.....not bad
Emil-f. The Korean pressing like all Korean pressings of that era are pressed directly from a cd rather than a studio master (digital or not). If you like your Korean pressing then it's definitely worth searching out an original transparent blue or black original copy as you should love it.
Vetterone & Diggory,

Thanks for that info!