Vandersteen upgrade

I have a pair of 2CE's (with help from a Velodyne sub)running off a Moscode 600 and Rogue 66 Magnum pre-amp. Would a signature upgrade make much of a difference?
Have you verified that your 2CEs can be upgrade? Early production cannot be upgraded. Yes, the upgrade is very worthwhile. The Signature upgrades opens up the sound and provides an additional level of transparency. Call Vandersteen with the serial numbers to verify upgradeability.
Good luck.
Yes it is worth it. But the fact that you are using a velodyne sub with thoes speakers is not a grate match. Unless you are using it as a decated HT sub. For music you should be using a 2w or 2wq which can be had cheap on this board used. It is a much faster sub and will complement the speaker also takes some of the load off your amp. I love velodyne I have 3 of there better ones but they are just not fast and tight like the vandersteen.
Dear Programmergeek: About the fast/slow subwoofers issue, here it is a link that is very interesting to read:

Now, about the integration of subwoofers in a system/room in a true stereo way: here are two links: if you have the time read it:

Regards and enjoy the music.
Yup I agreed. I had the 2cesigs and was using a servo 12" velodyne, didn't take log to pull it from the system. Got a 2w and it was awesome tightened up the bass and put more feeling into the music.

Without getting to technical the trouble I had with the velodyne is that as you moved the volume the sub would not proportionally go up and down to the speaker volume. Vandersteen solved this by using the pre amp out and introducing a crossover that is matched to the amp. So volume will remain consistent and it is coming out of the same circuitry. Also the use of the 3 small speakers made it a much faster cone than the 12" I thought bass would suck but reality was it was tighter and faster and more pronounced. I am a fan of adding a sub to a system if done right. Not saying that the velodyne is bad I just think if you are thinking of refining the speakers that is a easy area to look at and improve for a minimal cost.