Vandersteen system 3 ?

Does anyone know about this system Vandersteen system 3 with two powersubs. What main speakers are they 3, 3A ? Thank you in advance.
Vandersteen has made a number of versions of the Model 3 over the years. The 3A was an improvement of the original model 3, and now the 3A Signature is the current model. The 3A Signature benefits from some of the model 5 driver and crossover technology, making it a tremendous value for the money.

Much better sound can be acheived by adding two Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers under the 3A Signatures (one left and one right for true stereo lower bass). The subs help the system more closely approximate the open and effortless sound acheived with the Quatros and the 5As. They also relieve your power amplifier from the burden of having to drive the deep bass alone.

I'm a dealer.
If you go to the Vandersteen website what you are discribing is the QUATRO which is in essence the 3A Sigs with two powered sub woofers in the enclosure.