Vandersteen 3A Sig + Krell KSA-100S or Linn LK140?

I'm closing a deal on some Vandy 3A Sigs, and came across a Krell KSA-100S amplifier in a local classified add. Price is $700. Currently using a Linn LK140 for my front end. Will that be enough juice for the Vandy's? Or should I jump on the Krell while it's still available?

I can not comment on the Linn as I have never used one

I did use a Krell KSA 150 for quite some time with some Vany 3A' was a good match. I would think that the KSA 100S would be a good fit also...the Krell will be a touch forward compared to the Vandy.

I will say that the Vandy 3 (and the 3A and the 3A Sig's) do like current; the 100 high current watts of the Krell (200 at the Vandy impedance) will work well

As an aside $700 for a Krell KSA-100S seems like an almost to good to be true price...$5,500 was the retail price when new.
Aren't the Vandy's bi-wireable? If so, you can always add a second amp.