Vandersteen 2ci and 2ce

What are the differences between the Vandersteen 2ci and the 2ce? I am looking at various listings and am trying to get a better understanding of these models. I am going to drive them with a Counterpoint preamp and amp. I listen to mostly rock and some jazz.
There was a slight change in the cabinet of the 2Ce vs. the 2Ci. The tweeter was changed from a 3/4" in the 2Ci to a 1" in the 2Ce. However, let me warn you of a small caveat. Some of the tweeters in the earlier 2Ce's are the same ones in the 2Ci. You would have to check with Vandersteen using the serial number of any potential used purchase. I don't remember how far into the production run this went but it did go for a little while.
I would also consider the 2Ce Signature. It uses the tweeter out of the model 3A and a few other enhancements that make it the best sounding of the 2 series.
I have owned both models and noticed mostley that the bass was a little more "loose" with the 2ci than with the 2ce. The 2ci's are also bolted upon stands. The 2ci's are also a very warm and lush sounding speaker, more so than the 2ce's.
You can check and see if the 2ce's have the more modern tweeter by taking a light and shinning it through the grill cover. The more modern tweeter on the CE was a metal dome if memory serves me right.
One more question to Bigtee, or anyone, maybe you will know this. Just what is the difference betweeen the 3A sig and the 2ce sig.
I can't seem to get any definate anwsers from anyone including the company.
Shoe, The 3A Sig uses the tweeter and basically the same midrange out of the Model 5 speaker(not 5A) and the associated crossover. RV said that the drivers in the Model 5 are "Cherry picked" and the others go into the 3A sig.
The 2ce Sig uses the same midrange driver as all of the 2 series with the differences in the tweeter stated above.
Sonically, the 3A Sig is much more open and refined than any of the 2 series. It will play louder and produces a bigger soundstage. You get about 90% of the Model 5's sound. It is truly a wonderful speaker.
I have gone from the 2Ci to the 2Ce to the 2Ce Sig and then finally to the 3A Sig. Each has been a marked improvement in overall sound but the jump to the 3A Sig was a leap compared to the others. I'm planning on the 5A's this summer.
Thanks Bigtee. I am auditioning a pair of Vandersteen 3A sigs next week.
Shoe, try to listen to the 3Asigs with a pair or 2wq subs. Or at least one 2wq sub. If you can swing it in your own system, a pair of these makes the 3Asigs just awsome! The way Vandersteen has them work is that the 2wq takes its signal from the amp with a pair of inline filters suppling the crossover. This remove that frequency from the amps workload. The amps and network in the subs put it back. The resulting sound is deep, powerfull and FAST base. The amps now have less work to do since the inline crossovers remove everything from 180 HZ (if memory serves me) down, which make the 3Asigs sound that much better. Well worth the extra expense. Check out my virtual system to see what they look like.
Aedv8sc is absolutely correct. The addition of a pair of 2Wq subs with the inserted filters makes a great speaker even better and the subs provide a solid bottom to below 20hz. I use this combination myself currently.
Thanks for your help. I did purchase a pair of 2CE Signatures, which I thought was out of my league financially. However, I found a good deal on ebay.
I am enjoying them right now.
Thanks again,