Van den hul The Second Ultimate XLR

Anyone using Van den hul the Second Ultimate, XLR version?
And with what gear? Appreciate all views. Mark.
There is no such thing as The SECOND Ultimate XLR!
You can get either The SECOND and that is, of course always arguably, one of the best neutral, spacious and "unelectrical" sounding interconnects on the market today. I'm using it between my Sony SACD-player (XA777ES) and pre-amp. This is a balanced cable so it will come in XLR as well as RCA.
The FIRST Ultimate is also a Carbon design but is coaxial so you can only use it unbalanced with a RCA connector.
Cheers, and yes, thanks for the correction, it's just The Second! Will look use some between my VLT pre and Plinius 102 power amp.
I use the second xlr between my Audio Research v 70 amp and Audio research ls2 pre amp.
Excellent timing mgguy.
03-22-11: Audiofeil
Excellent timing mgguy.
it's the carbon fibre! :-D :-D