Sunfire Ultimate receiver or Anthem Avm 30

Would the smart people at Audiogon tell me which way to go ? Sunfire Ultimate Receiver or the combo of Anthem Avm 30 with the Anthem amp pva7. I will be using these with B &W's.
The anthem is so sweet for the money used or new it's a no brainer...,,
Thanks for the response! That was my gut instinct. Any more opinions? Please feel free.Do you know what I can get for a used Sunfire Ultimate Receiver?
Can the Pioneer Elite VSX 49 tx compare to the Anthem setup.
Well I wouldn't be so hasty to call it a no brainer, for I've owned several of the Sunfire Ultimate's and the truth is most aren't aware the Ultimate delivers a superb performance that's equal to listening to separates. I defy anyone to distinguish a difference.

Considering the abundance of power on hand with the Sunfire combined with the savings of no interconnect cables, a very nice phono stage and am-fm tuner, for my money the Sunfire is impossible to beat...and dare I say it, a "no brainer."

No disrespect to the Anthem crowd, but most Anthem owners have never heard the Sunfire Ultimate or actually owned one. The Sunfire delivers. I have high end separates but I'm as content as could be listening to the Sunfire in both two channel and for HT. That's been my personal experience.
by Coltrane1