Van den Hul 'the First Ultimate' digital

I recently bought a DAC to use with my A3 CD player. Not knowing too much about digital cables I took the advice of the the shop keeper who suggested the Van Den Hul "the first ultimate". I didn't know at the time that this was a cable that can be used as an analogue or digital cable. I'm a bit confused by this and was wondering if anyone has experiance with this cable in a digital application. Or would it be better to buy a dedicated digital cable? By the way it sounds very good
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I don't have any experience with VDH except the Opticoupler. However, i use a single cable (BEL-The Wire) for both applications in my system. A very good analogue cable should be able to do both.
I have VDH the first (not the ultimate) and it works for analog as well as digital applications. I actually prefer it to some more expensive cables. It's metal free so that might be why it's not an issue to use in either application.

That's as technical as I get. I'm sure you'll get more technical advice from others.