Value of adding Vandersteen Sub 3's with M5-HP high pass filters to Treo CTs?

Wondering if anyone has added the Vandersteen Sub 3's and M5 high pass filters to an existing system that includes Vandersteen Treo CT speakers? Seems like an expensive add (~$6000 +/-) and I'm wondering if my dough could be put to better use elsewhere (streamer upgrade, tonearm and/or TT upgrade).  Currently running McCormack DNA 0.5 monoblocks modified by Steve and Patrick spring 2021, McCormack TLC pre modified in the last 12 months, VPI Prime Scout TT with stock arm and Hana ML cart, AudioMagic Tubador SE III DAC and Aurender N100 streamer. Mostly vinyl, mostly acoustic jazz and vocals of the 50s and 60s (Blue Note, Impulse, etc) with some occasional rock n roll.  Thanks for your help!
I see no mention of a phono preamp. A good phono preamp is as important as the TT itself.
Good catch and sorry for the omission. Herron STPH-2.

Great system ;-) yes the sub3 will take a lot of load off the Treo and your main amp. I have the Treo CT and the 7's. I also have an ML and a Lyra. IF you don't go the sub route then a better cart is a sure bet. You might join us on the Vandy owners forum also.


Thanks Jim, have decided to upgrade cart first (Hana Umami) and save to upgrade TT and the add subs.  Playing the longer game.....and I have joined the Vandy forum as well. Good advice. Thanks again.