Valarie Carter-Wild Child, any fans?

Are there any fans out there of Jackson Browne's re-occuring back-up singer, Valarie Carter? Her '70s album "Wild Child"
is still one of my all-time favorites.
Love that lp. Her first to lp's were really quite marvelous.
I love the song arrangements and the sound quality. And Valerie has a great voice. Lowell George of Little Feat I think produced her two lp's.
as a follow-up,...I had seen Jackson Browne live in '94,
and she was with him...wish she had done a solo. Also sorry
about the Valerie..
Have you heard "Just a Stone's Throw away" LP by Valarie
Carter? This is also a great LP!!
loved it growing up anyone has a copy of "ooh child" please e-mail me