Naming your child after Audio equipment?

My husband is a frequent Audiogoner and always mentioned if we had another child, and if it was a boy, he wanted to name him after an audio manufacturer's name he's always liked. We had settled on another name (both are original sounding names) and I've even gone so far as to say we can now use the "manufacturer's" name as a middle name. He's arguing that it doesn't "flow" right (his version of the name will cause the initials not to be very flattering).

Now that the baby is almost here (I've already told him if he arrives when he's at CES, I win) it's coming down to the wire. Keep in mind, he no longer owns this manufacturer's equipment (not my doing!).

I've read many threads and thought this would make for an interesting one. What are your opinions?

Thanx in advance.
If it were Joseph, Mark, or Tyler I would go along. I am not sure about Krell, NAD, or Rega though.
Give us a hint.
More great baby first names from the audio world:

Jean Marie Reynaud

Not too crazy about Accuphase...

Happy Birthday!
Maggie,Syrah(Supratek)Delilah and Sampson( Dick Olshers fav.)...some to include.
332, Theater Grand, Verity Parsifal - the choices are endless
I had a co-worker named Wadia and went to school with a guy named Martin Logan.
My wife and I had the same issue, but I was pushing for the name of a city that both of us enjoyed visiting on a number of occasions. I love the sound of Vienna... but we never had a daughter, so the point is moot.

I do think Nakamichi has a nice ring to it, but so does Talon!
Berning (for a boy)... Yes!
Microzotl... no.
How would you like your daughter marrying "Juicy Music" Jones?
Cary would work for a boy or a girl. Rogue might not go over so well.
Balanced Audio Technologies or LAMM sound like an obvious choice.
How about Thor for a boy.
Conrad and/or Johnson, Linn. Rogue would be sort of out there, Merlin if he is the mystical type.
GIRL - Acapella, Aliante, Lyra, Sapphire, Zingali
BOY - Carvin, James, Joule, Lasonic, Stanley, Wilson
There must be something in the master list that would work. Let's see....

Ampzilla? Arcane? Ascend (careful w/ that spelling...)? AV123?
Bag End? (sorry) Billy Bags? (sorry, again) Bottlehead? Buggtussel?
Copulare? De Hifiwinkel? Dowdy Lama? Fluance? Flying Mole?
Hadcock? Headstrong? Heatshrink? La-Z-Boy? (Hannibal) Lector? Manley? Monsoon?
Naked Truth? Nightingale (he'll really thank you for that one)? Nitty Gritty?
Panache? Pink Triangle? Porterhouse? PowerSnakes? Shun Mook? Tubesville?
Two Bald Guys? Voyd? Whatmough?

Poor kid... And there's still a lot left in the list. Anyway, best wishes to your whole family (including your newest bundle of joy - little Whatmough...
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Von Gaylord. Imagine the razzing!
Poor kid... And there's still a lot left in the list.

...this from a guy who likes to be known as "Mr hosehead"?!?!

I dunno, if it were me I don't think I'd be too proud to tell folks who asked that I was named after an electronic appliance that my parents were particularly fond of...even an extraordinary one. Seems kind of undignified, but hey, that's just me. If you have more children will their names reflect the new and improved version? Can you get the first one upgraded? Do NOS pants and shoes really make a difference? Finally, in choosing a name, do consider how that may impact the resale value of the child.

That said, if I were forced to choose a name for a child given only audio-related manufacturers for my inspiration (not for my appreciation for the gear, but rather for my appreciation of the names)...


Hey, that's not a bad list!

Marco (that's MY name - no audio/appliance association whatsoever)
Once The Turntable



The Cartridge Man

Bow Technologies Wazoo
If it's an A.I. kid, you might opt for 47 Labs.

If the child was a surprise, maybe Coincident would be good.

Should this be a boy who already has a brother, perhaps Cain (or Cain) would be an appropriate choice.

In any event, we're all hoping you have a happy, healthy, Welborne child.

Also, please don't name your kid Cryo, Shakti, or Dynamica, because nobody will believe anything he says.
So what are the choices your husband has suggested for the manufacturers' name?
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your feedback. After seeing many of the other options out there, my husband's choice isn't sounding so bad!

Flying Mole???? >:p
No one has listed "Bose?" Geez.
"this from a guy who likes to be known as "Mr hosehead""

Never said I liked it - it's just that I yam what I yam: a hosehead. "Hi - I'm a HoseHead!"
Marco, you have it soooo easy...

But while we're at it, let's say "Hi" to the rest of the family. This is my wuvwey widdle wife, Dowdy Lama Lector. Here's our oldest son, La-Z-Boy Lector. And here's our oldest daughter, Manley Lector (don't say it - she'll snap you in half). There's our younger daughter, Nightingale Lector (her nickname is Oxymoron), and younger son Bottlehead Lector. And over here are the newest members of the Lector household, our twin infant sons Billy Bags and Bad End Lector (a.k.a. Two Bald Guys). And then there's me, Headstrong AssEnd Lector. Maybe that's why I gotta go by Mr HoseHead???

PS - would you like one of my HeadStrong(R) HeadBands? Lance beat me to the stretchy yellow thingies, but I still came up with my own version. I try to have the whole family wear 'em - well, at least all the kids. Yeah, so what if they're made out of duct tape and you wear them carefully wrapped around the head and (especially) over the mouth. I tell 'em that they're kinda silvery and sporty and all the trendy rage now. Don't know if they really like 'em or not 'cause the kids aren't too verbal these days...
If your kids a superhero or a member of the ring then "ARAGON" would be perfect
I've actually known a dude whose first name was Nokia, that's the phone company. He said his unwed mother was so thrilled with her first cell-phone that she couldn't help but name him after it.
You make your own conclusions
Art Audio
Tom Evans
Anthony Gallo
Edge (even if you're a U2 fan)
Kimber (ly)
Pierre Gabriel
I named our boat EIDOLON (Robinhood 33). Having since sold her (and renamed FOSTER CHILD), my wife now insists that the new vessel NOT be named after any audio equipment. No one ever got the connection with audio and many thought it was a play on words "idle on".
Nobody suggested Naim for a name?
You could call your daughter Nirvana and your son Ken-Wood...