VAC Phi Alpha DAC

Earlier this year, VAC released several new amplification products and to my surprise, a new DAC.

Being out for approximatley 6 months, I am also surprised that I have not read anything in this forum, regarding this new DAC; espeically when you consider how strong of a loyal following Kevin (VAC) has for his pre & power amps.

Does anyone have this DAC, or even auditionned it?

If so, please chime does it sound? At $7500 MSRP, I'd expect it to be pretty darn good.

From what I am reading, this DAC was used at RMAF, in the system that debuted VAC's new Phi-200 power amp.

So, anyone hear that system?

Impressions of the digital front end????????

I heard it and it was very good. The volume control on the DAC is a bonus if you have a single source system. Kevin mentioned it is based on the same design used in VAC preamps. It also has a USB input.