Utah 18" Drivers with Alnico magnets

Anyone have any info on UTAH 18" drivers from the late 70's to early 80's. They were said to be made with Alnico magnets. Were these quality drivers or just run on the mill. I came across a pair of custom built 3 way speakers with 18" Utah drivers and trusonic mid ranges. Would these speakers be worth looking into or someone else's headache.
I can't speak to the Utah 18" BUT if the Trusonic are Stephens FR 80 16 Ohm, they are legendary full range speakers that sell on E-Bay for $500 a pair & up, even now, 50 years after they were designed!

I recently scored a pair in inappropriate enclosures for about half of that & have sent (drivers only)them to Eric at TekTon Design for him to create one of his masterpiece enclosures for me.

Snap those babys up if you still can!