42 drivers, anybody heard this ?

These guys at Yamaha claim that with this ''speaker'' you don't need a whole bunch of speakers to get surround sound.

Take a look here: http://www.yamaha.ca/av/YSP1/main.jsp , and tell me what you think.

Foxtrot -

I have heard this, VERY surprising! It is great for a quasi surround where normal speaker arrays/electronics are not possible. Great for bedrooms, small living rooms, or those that just can't physically fit a complete set of speakers. Bottom end isn't loud, and it isn't cheap, as I recall, it is somewhere in the $1,399 range. But for certain situations, it does what it is designed to do, throw sound around.

Haven't heard it but from the description it's a dsp controlled unit that relies on reflected sound to simulate the surrounds. The controller obviously introduces a predetermined amount of delay to some of the drive units when in multichannel mode AND other response-shaping functions to overcome the narrow source (ie. the physical distance b/ween the channels).
Other than that, the 42 drivers are split into "teams" depending upon the reproduction mode used, 2channel, multi, etc.
Use of wide-range units all in one box completes the package.
Definetely interesting for those that don't want to shake the house down but yet get surround sound, would love to hear it.
I thought I would resurrect this post with all the new rave reviews and media surrounding this speaker. I believe this is the perfect solution for people who are predominantly into hi-fidelity 2 channel and don’t want the expense of or the hassle of home theater, like myself. I was skeptical at first but...