Using Klipsch Heresy 3 as rear channel?

Opinions on using Kilpsch Heresy 3's as rear channel in a 5 channel set up. Everything i've read indicates, rear channels should be at least two feet above ear level. Can the Heresy 3's be used as they are, on the floor for rear channels?  I currently have the Heresy 3's SE for my mains and was thinking of having 5 Heresy's for my HT. I drive the Heresy's with my NAD 758 receiver for HT only. Thanks for any feedback.

Hi Brian,

If the speakers are below your ears, bullets, fly-by's, etc. will seem to be coming from beneath your head.  Ideally your L and R speakers are next to instead of below your main screen as well.

However, I think that ear level is just great for surrounds.


Above ear: 5 stars
Ear level: 4 stars
Below ear: 2 stars



I definitely would not have the Heresy,s sitting flat on the floor. Using a Heresy slant riser on them might work OK depending on the distance behind you. Also, an old trick from years ago would be to face them at the back wall or into the corners using the slant riser. Then the sound will reflect out above your ears. This works great when distance behind you is short. So many times it's difficult to get a perfect placement for the rear and generally requires some experimentation to get the best result. As far as using 5 Heresy's for your HT, absolutely do that. Take a look here,

To E & tls49,  
Thanks for you responses. I think i am going to look into this. Maybe using a small stand would be the thing to do. Again thanks for you feedback.