Using EAC …. How to…

This is not an informative or intuitive bit of software as I see it. No pun intended. It requires some investigation and of course the proper setup for accurate results.

The link provided here will assist in the setup configuration, and the ‘why’s’ behind the various settings.

Additionally, a database of CDs is available to assist with installing automatically, the correct ‘read offset’ of your drive, and for ripping CDs, here is that link too.

I found that simple Google searches containing EAC questions provide worthwhile answers too.

Naturally, if there are other insights, shortcuts, or general wisdom one would wish to share here on the subject of using EAC, and so forth, please do add them here as so many are finding PC based music a most worthwhile path these days.
Thanks a lot for making this info easily available. Don
I wonder about the need for EAC. When you use it to rip a CD, are you getting different/better results than you get ripping with iTunes (error correction enabled)?

On the Mac side, I have been comparing iTunes with a program called MAX, in which I can rip with CD Paranoia and all sorts of other redundancies. Takes a lot longer, but I don't think I can hear any differences. So I'm curious why so many people argue for EAC. Like many things in the world of computer audio, there is a lot of confusion out there.
EAC better than iTunes?

My exp says, "Yes, indeed".

having used both EAC and other ripping/burning apps, Nero, ITunes, Real Audio, Roxio, some i don't even recall, it's been so long now, EAC outperforms any I've tried.

Try it! Of all the things we pay hefty amounts for to gain even minor degrees of improvement, this is definitely worth giving a go, and it's FREE.

I believe you'll hear for yourself, the better results of ripping, and copying CDs with EAC will not go unnoticed.

If for some reason you don't... well, it was free, afterall, huh?
Blindjim...I think Drubin implied that he's using a Mac. EAC=pc.
That's correct. But I have a Thinkpad here and I'll try to do some experimenting. I also have XP on my Mac and could try EAC that way.
How do you have iTunes set up on a Windows-running Mac? Just curious. If you start up iTunes in XP does it find your OS X imported iTunes library automatically?
I don't know, don't have iTunes running under Windows. Good question, though.
I guess my specific question is: Can you rip using EAC running XP on a Mac and then easily import those files into your iTunes library under OS X? Anybody? I'm still running pre-Intel chips on all 3 of my Macs so I'm unable to run XP.
If you check the FAQ for EAC, you'll find it's creator says, "sorry... no mac support".

Only one way to slice up this turkey... see if it'll install... right? I'm thinking it won't. AS it would make sense to me that the Windows on Mac is an emulation, and the core (kernel) of the Mac is going to be non compliant. Stranger things have happened though...

As far as importing the file types into itunes, the supported ones should pose no issue during import if the right codec is being used. EAC offers support for many, and itunes also has a broad range it allows for in total.

What I'm missing I suppose is the way iTunes sounds off a Mac. Knowing nothing of that sonic output, I can only surmise it must be better than iTunes on a Windows platform. On Windows iTunes can easily be bested by other media players. Neither do these other media players encounter the sloppy navigation and skipping, iTunes often produces.

The only thing iTunes has going for it is it's versatile, easy to learn, and it's free... but better is definitely out there.
NOTE EG., iTunes
8.0 version of iTunes is now out... and I gotta say right off it does seem to work better, and sound better, than previous versions... but then all new installs sound good usually... at first.

the new feature called "Genius" on my install either doesn't work, or takes a REAL LONG time to send and receive it's required info. I let it stay on for an hour, and it never got to it's 'second' step of the three needed to configure and operate.
Sorry, my presumption was askew. It was the power cord more so than the new version. I switched them around and the sound went back to dry and uninvolving.