Using a DAC with Conrad Johnson DV2b CD player

Should I use my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC with a Conrad Johnson DV2b CD player? I would use the digital output with an audio coax cable. The player is know for its analog sound without the use of a DAC. Any thoughts?
If you have both why not just try it. You have to decide which you prefer
Try it both ways and deiced for yourself what sounds best. But of course you knew that already:-)
The last time I responded to a question like this I really stuck my foot in my mouth. That said, I have to agree with Lak. What is your opinion? I'm sure you will have no problem getting some input but it will help other a lot to hear what you think as well.
I would use the digital output with an audio coax cable.
You might find that the DAC helps even more if you obtain a cable that is specifically intended for digital applications, meaning in particular a cable that is designed to have a 75 ohm "characteristic impedance". With a cable that is designed to carry analog audio signals chances are good that impedance mismatches between the cable and the components will adversely affect sound quality, by causing reflection effects that degrade waveform quality and result in increased jitter (timing fluctuations) when the digital data is converted to analog.

Also, I suggest that the cable be either 1.5 meters or slightly longer (i.e., 5 or 6 feet), or very short if that is practicable (i.e., about 8 inches or less). More often than not intermediate lengths, such as 1 meter, will not work as well, although that is component-dependent. See this paper.

-- Al