usher audio usa distributor?

anyone know anything about the us usher audio distributor(dallas, texas)? both web sites are no longer up and usher shows katli audio out of ca. as the us distributor
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Katli is the new U.S. distributor.
Contact them.
Any idea what happened to the old distributor?
I have dealt with Katli Audio before and Fred is world class. He is one of the nicest, most honest dealer/distributors I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Could be good news for Usher.
Hi I live 5 mins away from Fred, I got my Usher mini 2 from. I will call him today and get some info.

Uncle hardy
Hi , I spoke with Fred this morning and he told me that the distributor in Texas just disappeared. He is an authorized Distributor so he is the one you can call for Usher products. The Usher Website is in construction right now, but is still up and working. Try I am very fortunate that I live 5 mins away from Fred Katliaudio . I am a regular customer of his. He is a very wonderful person to deal with! He has a lot of great stuff in his store, I highly recommend him where to get your toys my fellow audiophile friends.
It used to be music matters and they were terrible. Not picking up calls, returning calls, random disconnects in the middle of calls and not respoding to email inquiries.