Used Rogue Audio Cronos - any warnings?

Looking at a used Rogue Audio Cronus - I noticed the current meter is a little raised and off centre and also the enamel on the transformers shows some deterioration. Any advice on whether this may be indicative of further issues? How can it be touched up to look as good as new? I have some old - rebuilt AR2ax's that I'd like to drive with the Cronus - my other option is ROTEL RA-1070 but probably not as musical as the Cronus. Advice on the condition of the Cronus? What can go wrong with these amps? Anything?
the AR's are great speakers, and should sound smooth as silk with either amp. the cronus is great, but the condition may be a good reason to pass.
If the condition is a problem hold off for another Cronus. They come up weekly.

BUT, it sounds like you already know the Rotel won't cut it.

Good luck.
I love my Rogue; I paid $1300 on the 'gon. They are available routinely. The meter is sort of free standing and sticks up through a hole in the top; shouldn't be a problem. If the transformer paint issue is due to moisture Id run away - i.e. rust. As Bjesien said you can wait for another. If you have further questions feel free to email. I'm using my Rogue with ADS L780's from the 80's. Sound is wonderful.......................