Need to upgrade Phono section of Rogue Cronos mag

I enjoy the Musical nature of my Roque audio Cronos Magnum, having tried others still sounds great.
My issue is as good as it is overall the Phono section is rather lacking .. 

Thought of looking for a dedicated phono preamp but do not want to get into a major expense.
Bellari is as simple as it gets but not sure if it's a step up .. the Cronos has very little gain from the phono section  that's 1 st issue then the quality can only get better  .

When using line stage [ CD'S etc.] excellent results .
I end up using my Pharaoh int amp fro Vinyl  & Cronos for all other .  

I'd say i'd be comfortable spending under $ 1k  [ half - 500 would be nice ] 
My friend uses this with his Rogue preamp and says it is a lot better than the Rogue stock phono section!
I saw those a year ago , wasn't sure if the company had relocated .
The gain may be too low , has your friend found the volume / gain has expanded ?
Thanks for suggestion
He said it was lower . He uses a cartridge ( Goldring) that has a very high output,so it is a minute point to him!
If you can find one, a Blue Circle BC27, although no one seems to part with ’em very often!

A Graham Slee Era V Gold or Croft RIAA (2 x 12AX7 tubes) are also in your budget.
Have you called the guys at Rogue? They might be able to help you. They're great people and they answer the phone. 
Yes they are extremely helpful ... Just not ready to get a rogue phono preamp 
If turning up the volume is the issue just turn it up. IMO you should wait until you can make a significant improvement before upgrading
The Cronus Magnum 2's phono section was pretty good I thought. Which CM model at you using? 
I've used an Eastern Electric tube phono preamp for about 10 years - first with an Eastern Electric integrated (M520 I think), then with a Rogue Cronus Magnum, which I still have, and currently with a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium integrated. The EE phono preamp mates exceptionally well with them all.  They turn up on the used market here from time to time. If mine ever dies, I will try to find another.
What is the gain from the CM phonostage? How much gain are you looking for? 

I feel that for a budget of $500-$1000 one could find a phonostage possessing the required gain for most cartridges that would be superior to that found in the CM. Not slighting the CM, once came close to purchasing one, great product.
I don't know the exact amount , I do know it is lacking .

Gain & richness is just not present .  When a CD sounds better than vinyl through the same INT amp something is wrong 
I just looked at the Rogue page. The Chronos has a MM phono stage with 44 db of gain and the Pharaoh has a MM/MC phono stage with 40/60 db of gain.

It appears you may be using a low output MC cartridge. You can buy a step up transformer (SUT) or head amp for your Chronos and that should fix your problem.

Here is a link to an inexpensive SUT

My advice on the upgrade is the same. Have more money saved and make a significant upgrade when you buy a stand alone phono preamp.