Used Linn Bookshelf Speakers question

Of the discontinued Linn bookshelf speakers out there, which ones are the best in your opinion? I am thinking of a set for my office - looking to go cheap - but all used linn gear - thanks
Well, I would say Tukans, but you can buy the current Katans on the used market for pretty much the same price. I wouldn't recommend them if you are actually going to place them in a bookshelf and jam them against the back of the bookcase however. They have a rear port and need a few inches of space behind them.
What Markphd said.
Thanks guys - I like the way the cherry tukans look compared to the new katans - I was going to mount them with brackets sevaral inches off the wall - not ideal but I hope a reasonable compromise for the space. D
I have had Tukans on Brackitts, they work fine.
Linn speakers can stand to go very close to walls, hence the Brackitts they make for them.
If memory serves, the LInn Kan (ca. late '70s) was specifically designed for use against a wall. Haven't heard 'em in decades, so I can't speak to their sound quality.