Used Focal Alto Utopia or New Focal 1038BE

I'm considering Focal speakers for my Rega Isis/Osiris system.
I was wondering if anyone had an opportunity to compare Focal Alto Utopia and new 1038Be? I would appreciate your opinions.

I happen to have heard these 2 models, but I'm not sure I can help: system circumstances were far different from what you describe (hi def home theatre/ music set-up, class A amplification, front spkrs. We used a simple sacd player for the music).
Here's my impression: neither blew me away. The new model is better on sound fx, but not necessarily on music as a whole (listening to a music vid OR a plain sacd in stereo).
Just to give a ref point: neither compares favourably with the new mid-level Utopia.
What I'm probably saying in a roundabout way is, keep your Alto for now (or purchase the equivalent new Utopia)!

Hi Mark,

I would choose the Altos as my opinion is that, contrary to what is advertised on internet, the new Electra line of Focal is inferior to the old Utopia line. The updated Be tweeter may be better than the previous model, but the old one was already very very good. It takes more that just a good drivers to make a good speaker. How else companies like Wilson would manage to produce top of the line speakers?

Regarding the new Utopia line versus the old Utopia line, IMO it is very difficult to compare them because of the huge price difference between the two lines. For example, in The Netherlands the Altos can be had for 6-7 thousands euros while the Novas for around 13. On the other, hand the retail price of Scalas, i.e. the equivalent of Alto in the new Utopia line, is 25 thousands euros (though at some point I have seen a 2nd hand pair for 17-18 thousands euros, plus I am certain one can get 10-20 percent off the retail price). That is approximately a factor of three between Alto and Scala prices.

Finally, in your pm you have mentioned that you listen music at low levels. Since in general floor standers need to be cracked up a bit to come to life, check if any of these speakers play well at low levels. A pair of good monitors, e.g. Micro Be, Diablo, Dynaudio C1, with a good versatile subwoofer will most probably do a better job at low levels.

Keep us posted.

Best wishes,
I'd second to nvp, Diablo is very lively on low levels, actulay it sound best on low to medium levels. also it integrates to subwoofer very good.
I had a pair of the older generation Mini Utopias and they were excellent. Paid $2200 for them vs $10000 + for newer ones. I would almost always go with used from a higher line rather than new from lower one.
Stanwal, "I would almost always go with used from a higher line rather than new from lower one."

In my opinion, that is sage advice.
Thank you Gregm for your opinion.The new Utopia series is out of my price range for now.
Hi Paul,
Once again you are right about Focal Utopia.Today I audition both speakers and they are both good match for my Rega.Electra has more forward midrange and is faster, but Alto's are sweeter sounding to me.Good news is that the sound is crystal clear even at low volume.I have a large room ,so monitors are probably out of the question. ( I prefer not to use the subwoofer).Best regards,

The Isis is awesome. You can't do much better at any price.