Used DACs in the 10k range

I currently have a denafrips terminator and I definitely enjoy it in my system but I haven't compared many dacs (only other dac I heard in my system was the one in the HDV 820 when I was using my headphones). I was impressed with the rave reviews and bought it straight up but now I am wondering if its worth upgrading or not.
I am looking to spend around 10k ish for a used DAC that would be significantly  better than the Terminator.

Any suggestions?
Also any thoughts on the terminator itself. It has lots of positive reviews from outlets like audiobacon and darko, 6 mooons etc but it has very harsh criticism from places like SBAF. Would appreciate your thoughts.
My system: PC -> Roon -> Sotm sms 200 ultra (with sps500) -> audio sensibility signature usb cable -> sotm dx usb -> ss d110 aes cable -> terminator -> kimber cables xlr -> He9 -> yyw hifi xlr -> 4bsst dual bryston monoblocks -> qed xt 40 speaker cables -> paradigm signature s8 v2 + dual PSA V1800s [v1800s via svs soundpath rcas]
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@smodactical This DAC does not get much noise on Audiogon but this is the expensive DAC I am interested in, Mola Mola Tambaqui. I have other lower cost options that I am looking at too.

Contact Bill Parish and see about a home demo.

If you want some more info send me a private message and I will forward you some info.
smodocatal, checked out your preamp. Looks impressive but we would still recommend adding a tube preamp to the Bryston.

The Byston amplifiers are clean but very dry sounding, hence a tube preamp really makes them come alive.

Here is the order of improvements:

1: Tube preamp
2: Real Music server Innous Zenith would be our recommendation
3: Upgrade speakers
4: Upgrade cables
5: Add power cables and power conditioning
6: Upgrade Dac.

Based on what you currently have upgrading the dac would be the last thing we would recomend. 

The tube preamp will add warmth, body and an increased soundstage.

The server will add greater warmth, musical flow and clarity as well as improving the soundstage.

The Paradigm Sig 8 are still excellent the Personas are in a different league, Focal Sopra also excellent, new Vimberg also great.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

I have to agree with audiotroy. I don't think that the DAC should be first priority or that it will give the most improvement for the investment. I would surely check out a tube pre.
@audiotroy  thank you for the organised list, which tube pre would you go for? I'd like to keep it under $10k used