Use Krell KAV-1500 to Bi-Amp B&W 801, Possible?

I have a Krell KAV-1500, Krell HTS Processor, and B&W 801 setup. I am considering to bi-amp my B&W 801 using the KAV-1500 multichannel capibility. However, I have hard time to figure how to send identical source to each channel. I could use both XLR and RCA outputs on each channel of HTS to KAV-1500's two channels but there is a 6DB signal difference and I don't like to use RCA. Could anybody share their experience if you have done something similar or just give me some advice? Thanks in advance.

My suggestion would be to contact bluejeans cable or your favorite XLR cable manufacture and see if they would be willing to build you 2 splitter cables to go from your PRE to your amp. It is nothing more than one connector on one end using 2 cables to 2 connectors on the other end. In other words a single channel out of your PRE to 2 channels in on your AMP. Hope this helps.

Good Luck
Check you manula or call Krell tech support to ask if you can do it thorugh the MAT process. "The most unique feature of this amplifier is Multiple Amplifier Throughput (MAT), which sends the same musical signal to all amplifier channels using only one of the balanced or single-ended connections, thereby reducing installation complexity with multiple amplifier systems. Individual channels can be bridged as well."

If not, then you can use this adapters. or something similar of better quality.
The KAV-1500 MAT operates on the same signal source for all channels which I don't want. I still want to have the channel separation. I found a XLR Y adapter as Artizen65 suggested and I am going to take that approach. Thanks.
To those who may be interested in bi-amp setup, I finished the setup and tried today and let me tell you this: it is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal! The sound is so much richer and detailed beyond my believe. I am so much happier. Thanks for the tips.