It,s Impossible

I would like to start a thread that take,s advantage of the many expert audiophile,s here thats not to say any of us are not expert.
For example I have been buying and selling audio gear for 30+ years and the only things I know for sure is that I prefer Spendor speakers and own several sets also I have a small room dedicated to 2 channel that can be tweaked to my hearts desire 11'x20'x9'.
I would like this thread to be about the synergy you have experienced with your equipment not equipment what someone has told you about.

1.Synergy! Tell us about all the pieces in your system working together
2.Analog only
3.20 to 30 thousand cost not more or less
4.Cost includes Preamp, Phono Preamp, Power Amp, Turntable, Arm, Cartridge, Stepup Transformers, cables
5.Cost does not include Speakers,Room, Room treatment,Stands, Isolation, ETC.
6.The guys that have systems that cost far more than the threads budget maybe would share there systems before they went to the next level.
You are quite right it is impossible with these arbitrary rules. What are you really looking for?
So you like your speakers and you have 20-30k to spend. Silly, seeing as the power amp>speaker combination is critical.
I have had Spendor for about 40 years now; I currently have S 100s [2 pairs] Sp -1s [2 pair], Sp 1/2Es, SP -2s. They work with a wide variety of electronics, the S 100s work well with Meridian 605s, better with a Musical Fidelity NuVista and best with CJ Premier 350. They all work well with subs, REL especially. In your room the smaller ones with subs might be the best choice. My system is on here, if I can answer any questions email me. Stan
If you say it's impossible,what's the purpose of this thread?Are you wanting someone to change your mind? BTW,the apostrophe key is to the left of the Enter key,lower case.Happy New Year!! :)
Synergy for less than $20K: Lenco tt with any number of good vintage Japanese tonearms that are available for under $1K + your MM/MI cartridge of choie + good tube phono and linestage + OTL amplifier (many Futterman and some Atma-sphere, Graaf, Joule or other types are available used for less than $5K) + ESL speakers, anything from Acoustat, Quad, Sound Labs, etc, etc. Must be large enough to give decent bass response. Spend the remainder on LPs. Of course, this is my personal idea of synergy. YMMV, etc.

One thing is for sure, the combo of OTL + ESL = synergy
Thanks guys for your comments although i really am surprised at the negative remarks. I simply thought it would be interesting to hear from people that are happy with there systems and why in this cost range.
I do have a complete system and thousands of Lps, as i said before i prefer Spendor speakers. So yes I am interested in improving all other pieces.

Confidential to Tpreaves:

And the space bar is that great big key at the very bottom of the keyboard which is customarily pressed not just between words, but after punctuation marks, too! It requires very little effort, incurs no additional costs, and makes reading ever so much easier!

Happy New Year to you and all fellow 'Goners. Cheers!
Dmhafmer, Tell us about your system.
Thanks for the advice Rel,I'll try to remember that.Oops,I forgot!!
NoworriesTpreaves.It can happentoanyone!
On a related but also OT point: Why do people use the comma in place of the apostrophe? I'm not trying to be critical of Dmhafmer, because I've seen many people online do it and am curious. Is that the practice in other languages? A computer thing? Simple laziness? Other?

To expand on Rel's point, I've always considered things like proper grammar, typography, etc. to be a kindness to the reader. Not following the so-called rules can often make reading more difficult and, hence, is inconsiderate. Thanks for listening.
^Hesson11 - I have always seen other forums stamp down on political correctness regarding spelling and grammar. Personally, I like people to highlight my gaffes - but I take pride in what I write and that is clearly not important to others. I do have to add, however, what on earth is the comma thing?

regarding this thread, I see little point in such constrictions. Does the OP consider that one cannot achieve synergy outside of that price bracket or that digital synergy does not exist? Synergy can be achieved at any price level and with any gear! I see the attainment of synergy as almost a dark art - part skill, part informed and part sheer luck. I have also seen many, expensively acquired rigs, made up of highly esoteric equipment, all highly respected and often critically acclaimed items, that when combined together, do anything BUT achieve synergy. It is quite clear to me, and I infer nothing regarding any user here, that even experienced audiophiles assume that the random combination of fabulous items will necessarily produce a superb end result.
@ Niacin
I agree with your thoughts regarding the OP. I was trying to say just that, but didn't expand enough on my point.

The comma thing may be a result of people who are like me, that must look at the keyboard in order to type. The notation for the apostrophe and comma are very similar. However if you look at what you have written it should be easy enough to fix. Also note that the semi-colon key is next to the apostrophe key, so it may be a mis-strike that again is not proof read.
It does convey a certain degree of lazyness and a lack of concern for the reader. On top of that it demonstrates a lack of how people will view you. A lack of pride in your work and your presention, as well as being discourteous.
It may be best to be somewhat lenient and not too uptight about correct typing and grammar. These forums are not essays being submitted for evaluation or formal. publication. Forgiveness is, they say, devine!
I have been very guilty myself, I have been a terrible typist and a poor speller. I have a couple of excuses however for one I am dyslexic. I had been quite ill as well, which I think, affected my typing. It is inherently harder for people with many kinds of disability.
Let us not forget that many of our audiophile brethren are not yet fluent in English, and writing in a second language.

There is one pet peave I want an explanation for. Why do many people say that their equipment works perfect, when they should be writing perfectly. Is that really so hard come on guys.