USB Galvanic Isolation?

Hey now.
Curious about the effectiveness of galvanic USB isolation - in particular JCat USB Isolator vs iFi micro iUSB 3.0. And also about what the comparative sonic impact difference between cables to the device and from the device to the DAC might be.
Thanks for your input and sharing your experience.
They are all about the same. :)

It's actually really sad it isn't always included in the DACs themselves. The main benefit is they prevent ground loops, from either the audio outs or the digital interface.  The first is very easy to hear, sounds like humm.

The second is not and causes additional, measurable jitter.

Unfortunately not all DAC's are happy with isolators.  My Mytek is not, and it does suffer from ground loops depending on the connection.  I have to just use other sources.

Most DAC's however will work just fine with the cheapie isolators.
Thanks for that. My AMR DP777SE has a fair amount of isolation on the DAC end to decouple the PC hash and some de-jitter protocols to boot. My DAC also doesn't need a the cable's power leg - does it make sense to get a signal only USB cable? I see that Sablon has one...and JCAT with separate legs anyway.
I use a Mac Mini as a server and use a Shunyata Omega USB cable to my LampOzator DAC. The Omega USB cable made a huge difference in improving the SQ. USB cables do make a difference.
Intona Isolator and USB cable. No Dac gets the same result through internal means
I’m a cable believer for sure. I just picked up a Sablon Panatela Reserva. The Final Touch Callisto looks interesting, but the JCAT seems like the best fit for me.....and the reference has a separate power leg that I can leave unplugged. Sablon has a signal only cable, too.

Looks like JCAT uses Intona tech. Good to know they have their own isolator too. Thanks for that.
@antigrunge2 have you explored the impact of the USB cable from the server to the isolator vs. the one from the isolator to your dac?
I run the Intona Reference from Isolator to Dac and an Oyaide Pure Silver Continental 5s from Server to Isolator. If I swap them around, things go pear-shaped: loss of soundstage, harshness and bass. FYI the Intona is only 25 cm and the Oyaide 50 cm long. Length matters a lot. I use a WA Quantum cable chip on the Oyaide which helps a lot in terms of clarity. Server is InnuOS Zenith Mk3 and DAC is Antelope Zodiac Platinum with 10M clock. Without the Intona Isolator, the two don‘t even tslk to each other.