USB DAC connection Nuprime DAC 10

I bought a Nuprime Dac 10. Downloaded the drivers for windows 10. Unfortunately, the drivers do not see the dac as connected. I have a ticket into tech support.
Any suggestions from you guys.
Laptop Dell XPS older generation i7 with windows 10 - 64 updated with 16G Ram
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Just to share,
For Nuprime support, Create a Help Desk ticket on
If you are not from USA or Canada, email
Alternatively, you might want to take a look at the below thread which is actively monitored Jason AKA rustydoglim

Thanks. I submit a help desk ticket at tdss, awaiting a response. I just was looking to determine if someone else experienced something similar.
Is there any update, did you get it to work.  If so, how do you like the DAC and in comparison to what other DACs?