USB Cables in PC Audio

I want to connect my mac with a USB DAC. I have the ordinary PC USB cable which terminates appropriately to the DAC. However the DAC is a $2000 DAC, and I feel that spending a bit on a worthy USB cable could be useful in extracting the best out of the DAC.

There are several cables costing between $100 and $300 which seem on paper capable of significant improvements over a cheap USB cable.

The question is, does it make a difference? Or is the thought process merited that ultimately it has to deliver data in a passive manner, so its quality will make no difference?
Data traveling through your USB cable is time sensitive, if it is going to a USB DAC. Design of the cable is very important, and typically you get what you pay for. Try a few at different price points on Audio Advisor, they have a 30-day home trial. You can send back the ones that don't sound the best.
I auditioned Audioquest Forest USB against Pangea PC USB, and the Pangea mopped the floor with the Audioquest. No contest. So in my system, yeah I can definitely hear a difference between USB cables.
I use this afofrdable one - already makes a difference - might be enough for your system too...

Spending much more might not get you significant upgrade: