upstream for Thiel 3.7

I am planning to use Bryston BCD-1+BP 26+7B SST2+Cardas cables to drive my Thiel 3.7.
Music genre: Symphony 30%, Other classical 30%, Jazz 30%, New Age and Pop 10%
Any comments and advice on this combo? Thank you in advance.
Set up correctly and in an appropriate room that should be an outstanding combo. Enjoy!

I could be wrong about this, but I recall there being some concern about Bryston amps below 4 Ohms.
Contact James Tanner of Bryston as he ran 3.7's with simular electronics. He will give you the scoop as to what works well with these speakers.
You can get hold of him through the Bryston web site or Audio Circle at under the heading Audio Manufactures and scroll down to Bryston, you will find posts from James there and you can PM him. He is very truthful and honest and he won't steer you wrong.
Good luck
Thanks everybody. It seems James is using a very similar combo at home. Actually, he switched 7B with 28B off and on.