upgrading the analog setup

hi everybody
i’m listening to last joe walsh lp (love the man) and start thinking to upgrade my entire analogue chain.
I’m now a owner of a rega P5, denon 103, lehmann black cube se prephono.

For the cart I’m sure I’ll go with a dynavector 20X2L (loved very well a former 10X5).
That’s the only certainty.
For the TT on my list now there are:

Rega rp8 (2100 euro)
Well Tempered Amadeus (2800 euro + cable rca)
Linn LP12 (which incarnation?)
Technics sl 1200 + pbthals’s arm
sota (my dealer sells them)

and for the pre phono a have no f idea… I heard good things about AVID and the dynavector p75 mkIII but to compensate the solid state integrated I was thinking a tube one..

Any input would be greatly appreciated



ps unfortunately I cannot audition any components but the sota.
The tube Phono stage is just OK because you will be using an MM amplification factor. The problem with tubes which BTW I have in almost every piece I use, is that tubes are noisier (or get noisy with age) than good SS is. So I would suggest that you use tubes in other parts of your system, the best being your power amp, IMHO not the pre.
I use the cartridge you like and agree that it is good. I use a Graham Slee Gram amp2SE As for the rest of your questions I leave to the Analog gurus.
Which Sota and what arm?
Hello Rockness,
The source is the most important part of any good audio system. The “Source”, meaning a Turntable (or CD player) is at the beginning of the audio chain. This is where the music starts and where one should not nickel and dime themselves.

I've owned both a Sondek LP12 and a WT Classic (not the amadeus but extremely similar in design). Like all TTs, these two have strenghts and weaknesses. My experience with both, well... these two are what I consider "high maintenance" tables and very fuzzy to set up and maintain. They will only sound at their best when they are set up properly. Reason why I decided to part ways and move in another direction.

I also owned a heavily modified SL1200 with Jelco arm for a while. Bottom line, dead steady but not so "quiet" as belt driven tables.

I have fallen in love with the new Rega tables! Their philosophy makes sense, light and rigid. The Rega P5 is a great TT and you would be hard pressed to "hear" more with any of the TTs mentioned above. The RB700 is equally superb IMHO. I have auditioned but not owned a Rega RP8. However, I currently own a heavily modofied Rega RP3 that is now closer in design/performance to the RP8 than the actual RP3.

My current TT:
Rega RP3 (I'm using the plinth, 24 V motor, bearing well, and double brase from the original RP3, everything else is gone)
Added the Rega TT-PSU
Replaced the RB303 with a new Rega RB808 tonearm
Added the following:
Groovetracer Reference subplatter w/zirconia bearing
Groovetracer Delrin Platter
Groovetracer 130 Grams Counterweight
Eduards Audio Little Belter
Dayton Audio ISO-4BK adjustable brass footers
Clearaudio clever clamp

Try a better cartridge before you decide to part ways with your current TT. Again, this is where the music starts! Start with the DV 20X2L/DV P-75 combo in enhancer mode. You will be floored at how much more information you P5 will be able to retrive. For even better information retrieval and blacker blacks, go with the Lyra Delos. IMHO, no other cartridge will bring you closer to the music than Lyra.

My current 2 channel system:
Modified RP3/Lyra Delos
Cronus Magnum with KT120's and Genalex Gold Lion
Dynavector P-75 MKI, giant killer! (MKII/MKIII versions sound the same to my ears and you can get a P-75 for $400.00 and save some money for a better cart)
Golden Ear Triton 7
Straightwire maestro cables/interconnects

Happy listening!!!!!!!!!!
I went from a Rega P5 with the 20X2L to a VPI Classic one with the same cart. The VPI arm is well suited to Dynavectors and the ability to fine tune the VTA and azimuth puts it another league over the Rega IMO.
Totally agree that the VPI arm/table is well suited to DV carts and that the ability to fine tune VTA and azimuth is definitely a plus. I have never auditioned a VPI Classic One but I've heard great things about this particular design. I did owned a Scout/JMW9/DV10X5 combo and I was very pleased with the way it sounded. That said, VTA adjustment in my modified RP3 is dead on with Acoustic Signature Stainless Steel spacers and Rega's tonerarm built and quality inspection are second to none. Not sure if this alone will put the VPI in another league over Rega TT's. I believe it's more a matter of synergy and taste.

Back to Rockness,
Being able to audition a Sota with your system is definitely a plus and Sota TT's have always been built to high standards. Give it a try!
I run a 1982 Sota Sapphire I bought new and recently had refurbished to compliment a Graham Phantom Supreme and DV XX2 Mk2. I love the combo more and more every time I listen to it. Previous arm was a Magnepan Unitrac I with a DV MR23RS. Before that I had a Rega Planar 2 with the Rega arm and a DV MR23. The VTA on-the-fly of the Unitrac and the Phantom on the Sota was/is the way to go, IMO. Good luck & happy listening!
My 2cents. I've got a VPI Scoutmaster on the way with an Ortofon 2M Black MM cart. I'm not a analog guru by any means, but the Scoutmaster seems to be at the threshold price-point of getting the most for your money, given the diminishing returns of spending more.

Per VPI, the 2M Black is supposed to be a great match, as well as the Lehmann Black Cube SE with the Scoutmaster. Can I ask why you are getting replacing yours? (If you are selling it, please let me know). PBN Audio suggested I try their Liberty B2B-1 stage ($1800, online sales only), and it appears to receive good reviews. Also, the Musical Surroundings Phonomena Nova II is well-regarded. I listened to it with a VPI Scout and it sounded good. Good luck--